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What is STS?

  • We’re an academic department in the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (SHASS).
  • Our scholars bring methods from the humanities and social sciences to understanding science, technology, and medicine around the world.
  • Learn more about our 15 faculty members and all of their areas of research here.

How do undergraduates engage with STS?

  • Take one or more of our subjects to help fulfill your HASS requirement (we have 48 HASS undergrad classes, 11 of which are CI-H)
  • Do a HASS concentration in STS. The concentration in STS simply consists of three STS subjects.
  • Complete a minor (5 of the 6 classes can count towards your HASS requirement)
  • Double or joint major
  • Do a HASS concentration in Computing & Society


Want to learn more? Click on the links below to hear from an STS major…

What is an STS class like? How did your STS instructor support your learning?

How have STS classes provided a critical look at issues of race, racism and/or inequality?

How have STS classes influenced your approach to and/or view of your major course of study?

How do you think your STS classes will help you have an impact on the world through your profession?



AY 2021-2022 Undergraduate Subjects

Title & Info
STS.001 Technology in American History
STS.003 Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks: A History of Science (CI-H)
STS.004 Intersections: Science, Technology, and the World
STS.005 Data and Society
STS.021J Science Activism: Gender, Race, and Power
STS.022J Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice
STS.026 History of Manufacturing in America
STS.031J Environment and History (CI-H)
STS.036 Science in American Life, 1920-2020
STS.040 A Global History of Commodities (CI-H)
STS.043 Technology and Self: Science, Technology, and Memoir
STS.044 Technology and Self: Things and Thinking
STS.046J Science of Race, Sex, and Gender
STS.048 African Americans in Science, Technology, and Medicine
STS.049 The Long War Against Cancer (CI-H)
STS.060J Anthropology of Biology
STS.064J DV Lab: Documenting Science (CI-H)
STS.065J Anthropology of Sound
STS.074J Art, Craft, Science
STS.075J Technology and Culture
STS.081 Innovation Systems for Science, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, and Health
STS.083 Computers and Social Change
STS.086J Cultures of Computing
STS.087 Biography in Science


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