The Benjamin Siegel prize was established in 1990 by family and friends of the late Benjamin Siegel (S.B. 1938, Ph.D.). The Prize of $2500 is awarded to the MIT student submitting the best written work on issues in science, technology, and society.

It is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any school or department of the Institute.

Submissions must be a single-authored work of no more than 50 pages written within the last two academic years.

Include one cover page with:

     -author identification

     -contact information

-year and program of study

Do not include any identifiers within the body of the work.

2019 Deadline: Friday, April 5, 2019, to Midnight

Email submission to: Gus Zahariadis,



“All of Us? A Case for Ritual Communication in Community Engagement for Health Equity” by Samuel R. Mendez, Comparative Media Studies | Writing


“Gender and the Measurement of Fertility: A Case Study in Critical Metrology” by Marion Boulicault, Philosophy Department 


“When Inspiration Yielded to Calculation: Technology and Politics of the SST in the New Frontier” by John Tylko, HASTS


“Policing in the Digital Porno-Tropics: Expertise, Entrapment, and the Fight Against Child Abuse Online” by Mitali Thakor, HASTS


“Contested Landscapes: Staking Claims in Michigan’s Copper Country” by Elizabeth Yarina, Architecture and City Planning


“What We Should Do Before the Social Bots Take Over: Online Privacy Protection and the Political Economy of Our Near Future” by Erhardt Graeff, Media Arts and Sciences