Michael Fischer CV





DEPARTMENT:  STS & Anthropology

CITIZENSHIP:  United States


INSTITUTION                                                                         DEGREE                  DATE

The Johns Hopkins University                                               B.A.                           1967

The London School of Economics                                         —                        1965-66

The University of Chicago                                                      M.A.                          1969

The University of Chicago                                                      Ph.D.                         1973

TITLE OF DOCTORAL THESIS:   Zorastrian Iran Between Myth and Praxis


Phi Beta Kappa                                                                                                             1967

Delta Phi Alpha                                                                                                             1966

Woodrow Wilson Fellow                                                                                   (Hon.) 1967

NIMH Predoctoral Fellow                                                                                       1967-72

NIMH Research Grant                                                                                             1969-72

Roy D. Albert Prize for M.A. Thesis, University of Chicago                                       1969

S.S.R.C. Research Grant                                                                                               1974

Fulbright Lectureship, University of Brasilia                                                                1982

U.S.- Indo Subcommission Senior Scholarship                                                     1984-85

Fellow, Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars                                 1988-89

Senior Fellow, Smithsonian Institution                                                                          1990

Rockefeller Postdoctoral Fellowship Residency Site Grant for the Rice Center for Cultural Studies, for 3 years                                                                                          1989

Renewal of the above institutional grant for 2 years                                                   1991

Carnegie Fellow                                                                                                            2005

American Ethnological Society Senior Book Prize for Emergent Forms of Life & the Anthropological Voice.                                                                                                 2005

American Anthropological Association General Anthropology Award for Exemplary Cross-Field Scholarship for “Four Genealogies for a Recombinant Anthropology of Science and Technology”                                                                                             2009


2010-2020     Visiting Research Professor, Singapore University of Technology                                        Design

2013                Ngee Ann Kongsi Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore

2010-12           Visiting Research Professor, National University of Singapore

2007-               Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities, MIT

1996-2000      Director, Program in Science, Technology & Society, M.I.T

1998-               Lecturer, Dept. of Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School

1993-                Prof. of Anthropology & Science and Technology Studies, M.I.T.

1987-1992       Director, Center for Cultural Studies, Rice University

1988-1992       Professor of Anthropology, Rice University

1981-88           Associate Professor of Anthropology, Rice University

1981-1992        Director Graduate Studies, Rice University Anthropology Department

1982-83           Acting Chair, Department of Anthropology, Rice University

1977-81            Associate Professor of Anthropology, Harvard University

1975-76           Research specialist, University of Chicago Islam & Social Change Project

1973-77            Assistant Professor, Department of Social Anthropology & Middle East                             Studies, Harvard University

1972-73            Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, University of Chicago

1969                 Teaching Assistant, Philosophical Anthropology,University of Chicago

1967                  Research Assistant, University of Chicago Family Study  (Jamaica)


1967                  Researcher, Engineer Agency for Resources Inventories, U.S. Corps of                               Engineers, Washington, D.C.

1965, 64, 63     Clerk, National Institutes of Health: NINDB, OD, NIMH

1962                  Translator (under contract to ) U.S. Weather Bureau (German)


Jamaica:                                  summer 1968(kinship, religion, stratification)

Iran:                                          1969-71 (4 religious communities–Zoroastrian, Muslim,                                                         Jewish, Baha’i in a provincial town: politics, economics,                                                       religion, and social history)

Guyana, Surinam, Trinidad:    summer 1973 (exploratory: East Indian Muslims, Baha’is)

Afghanistan, Iran:                    summer 1974 (bazaar economy)

Iran:                                           1975 (Muslim religious leaders: training, social mobility,                                                        and social status)

Morocco, Israel, Egypt:           summer 1979 (exploratory: Iranian Jewish psychic                                                                 problems in Israel, Azali Baha’is)

India:                                         1984-85 (business communities in Western India: Jains,                                                      Parsis)

India:                                         summer 1990, Xmas break 1990 (Bombay film and                                                                advertising)

Armenia                                    1991 Xmas break (reconstruction of civil society after                                                            earthquake)

Poland                                      August l993 (interviewing filmmaker and critic)

India                                         1994-2003 December and summers (computer scientists                                                   and entrepreneurs; molecular biologists and physicists;                                                                                filmmakers)

Israel/Palestine                       2004-05 Xmas, summers: environmental issues in Wadi Khalil-Wadi Beersheva

Iran                                           2005-07 Xmas, summers:  science and ethics

Indonesia, Iran, Turkey.          2007 science & technology in the Muslim world

Singapore                               January 2009, June 2010, Dec 2010-Jan,2011, Jun-Jul 2011, Dec 2011-Jan 2012, August 2012, Jan-July 2013: Biopolis; May-June 2014; Jan-June 2015; Jan. 2016; June 2016, Jan-June 2017, Jan & June 2018, Jan-Feb 2019, Jan 2020.



2021 (under review)  Art and Emergent 21st Century Common Sense.

2018  .    Anthropology in the Meantime: Experimental Ethnography, Theory and Method for The Twenty-First Century.  Duke University Press.

2009       Anthropological Futures.  Duke University Press.  399 pp. [6/2014: 1,030 copies sold] translation:  Brazilian Portuguese (chapters 1-5), (2011).

2004       Mute Dreams, Blind Owls, and Dispersed Knowledges:  Persian Poesis in the Transnational Circuitry.  Duke University Press.  475pp.

2003       Emergent Forms of Life and the Anthropological Voice.  Duke University Press.  477pp. [1500 pbks sold, 6/2014]

2003       2nd Edition (with new introduction).  Iran: From Religious Dispute to Revolution. University of Wisconsin Press.

1999       2nd Edition (with new introduction).   Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences.  (with George E. Marcus). University of Chicago. 228 pp. translations: Chinese (2004), Croatian (2004), Korean (2006), Hungarian (ch. 6 in Helikon (2005:1-2)

1990       Debating Muslims: Cultural Dialogues between Tradition and Postmodernity (with Mehdi Abedi). University of Wisconsin Press.  564 pp.

1986       Anthropology as Cultural Critique: An Experimental Moment in the Human Sciences (with George Marcus). University of Chicago Press.  205 pp. translations:  Japanese, Chinese (Taiwan & Beijing), Spanish, Italian.

1980        Iran: From Religious Dispute to Revolution. Harvard University Press.  314 pp.

Edited Books

2010  with B. Good, S. Willen, and M.J.D. Good.  A Reader in Medical Anthropology: Theoretical Trajectories, Emergent Realities.  Blackwell.

Edited Book Series (with Joe Dumit) Experimental Futures: Technological Lives, Scientific Arts, Anthropological Voices. Duke

Chapters in Books

2017       “Silver Tsunami – Paradigm Shift – New Urban Creativity.” in Chong, Keng Hua and Mihye Cho, eds., Ageing Creative Cities.  Routledge.

2017       “Dense and Ageing: Social Sustainability of Public Places Amidst Hi-Density Development.”  (with Keng Hua CHONG, Kien TO)  in Bay, Philip Joo-Hwa and Steffan Lehmann eds.  Growing Compact: Urban Form, Density and Sustainability.  Routledge.

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2015       “Anthropology of Science and Technology.”  International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences.

 2015      “’Behaves Like a Rooster and Cries Like a [four eyed] Canine’: Nightmares, Depression, Psychiatry, & the Rise of Iranian Psychiatric Selves” (with Orkideh Behrouzan). In Devon E. Hinton and Alexander L. Hinton, eds. Genocide and Mass Violence.  Cambridge University Press, pp105-36.

2015       “Time, Camera and the Digital Pen: Writing Culture Operating Systems 1.0-3.0.” in Orin Starn, ed., Writing Culture and the Life of Anthropology.  Duke UP.

2014       “Philosophia and Anthropologia: Reading alongside Benjamin in Yazd, Derrida in Qum, Arendt in Tehran.”  in Das, Veena, Arthur Kleinman, Michael Jackson, and Brighu Singh, ed.s, The Ground Between: Anthropologists Engage Philosophy. Duke University Press, pp 188-217.

2013       “Galactic Polities, Radical Egalitarianism, and the Practice of Anthropology: Tambiah on Logical Paradoxes, Social Contradictions, and Cultural Oscillations.” In Felicity Aulino, Miriam Goheen and S.J. Tambiah, eds., Radical Egalitarianism: Local Realities, Global Relations.  Fordham University Press, pp. 233-58.

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Articles in Refereed Journals

2018        “Theorizing STS from Asia: Towards an STS multi-scale bioecology framework — A Blurred Genre Manifesto/Agenda for an Emergent Field.”  EASTS (East Asian Science, Technology and Society)

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Lectures on Video

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  2. Science, Pandemic, and Risk Society. Sociotalking Academe [Penceramah tamu]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e84YlHJ1Gq8&feature=youtu.be. [46:00 – 1:39:00]


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Institutional Reports


1996       Whence From? — Where To?  Prospectus for the 1996 Retreat.  A Self-Study Document.

MIT: STS Program  (http:stsfac.mit.edu/Core Course/Documents).


1994       Report of the External Review Committee, Institute for Liberal Arts, Emory.


1991       Rice Center for Cultural Studies:  Application for Renewal of the Rockefeller Residency Fellowships.


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In Press and preparation


“Conversations with Entang Wiharso and Sally Smart”  Conversations Catalogue.


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Working Papers and Unpublished Manuscripts


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                                    and the Search for China’s Pandemic Epicenter.]

[44.  Chee, Liz.  forthcoming.  Mao’s Beastiary: How Animal Based Drugs Changed Chinese



 (iv) Synergistic Activities

Directorship (4 years) of the MIT Program in Science, Technology, and Society (STS)

Inaugural Directorship (6 years) of the Rice Center for Cultural Studies

Cross-institutional teaching Harvard Medical School and MIT STS Program

Preparation of proposals for cross-university graduate student exchanges Harvard

Kennedy School and MIT, STS; Harvard Anthropology and MIT, STS


(v) Collaboration and Other Affiliations

(a) Collaborators and Co-Editors:

Duke Book series Experimental Futures: Joe Dumit.

NB:  previous close collaboration and co-authors include  George Marcus (Rice University) and Mehdi Abedi (Rice University) in the 1980s;  Co-teaching: Byron and Mary-Jo Good (Harvard Medical School, Social Medicine); Hal Abelson and Danny Weitzner (MIT computer science and World Wide Web Consortium).


(b) Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors

Doctoral Committee:

-Raymond T. Smith (chair), Prof. of Anthropology, University of Chicago (now emeritus)

-David Schneider, Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago (later University of

California at Santa Cruz), now deceased.

-Nur Yalman, Professor of Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies, University of Chicago,

(later Harvard University), now  emeritus

-Milton Singer, Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago (diseased)

-Marvin Zonis, Professor of Political Science and Human Development, University of

Chicago, now professor emeritus Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago.


Postdoctoral employment on the University of Chicago Islam and Social Change Project

-Fazlur Rahman, Professor of Islamic Studies, University of Chicago (diseased)

-Leonard Binder, Prof. of Political Science, University of Chicago (now UCLA)


  1. c) Thesis Advisor and Post-Graduate Sponsor

PhD Advisees (committee chair) (MIT) and current positions



-Kochar, Rijul – phage therapy and antibiotic resistance in India, Georgia, U.S.



-Chaudhuri, Ashawari, 2019

The Kernel of Doubt: Agricultural Biotechnology, Braided        [lecturer, MIT]

                  Temporalities, & Agrarian Environments in India

-Ozden-Schilling, Canay, 2016

Economy Electric: Techno-Economics, Neoliberalism,                 [postdoc, Johns Hopkins]


-Ozden-Shilling, Thomas, 2016                                                                               [Asst Prof, Johns Hopkins]

Salvage Cartographies: Mapping, Futures

                  and Landscapes in N.W. British Columbia.

-Krishnan, Shekhar. 2013.                                                                                           [Bombayologist, Mumbai]

                  Empire’s Metropolis: Money, Time and Space 

in Colonial Bombay 1870-1930.

-Callison, Candis. 2010.                                                                  [University of British Columbia, tenured]

More Information is Not the Problem: Spinning Climate

                  Change, Vernaculars, and Emergent Forms of Life.

-Behrouzan, Orkideh. 2010                                                              [University of London, SOAS, tenured]

Prozak Diaries: Post-Rupture Subjectivities and Psychiatric

and Psychiatric Futures

-Ozkan, Esra.  2007.                                                                                                      [Google Research, California]

Executive coaching : crafting a versatile self

in corporate America.

-Wick, Livia.  2006.                                                                              [American University of Beirut, tenured]

Making Lives Under Closure: Birth and Medicine

in Palestine’s Waiting Zones.

-Kuo, Wen-Hua. 2005.                                                     [National Yang Ming University, Taipei, tenured]

Japan and Taiwan in the Wake of            [editor in chief East Asian Science, Technology

Bioglobalization:Drugs, Race,                                               and Society]

and Standards.

-Sanal, Aslihan  2005.                          [Anthropologist in Residence, European Molecular Biological

Flesh Yours,  Bones Mine: the Making of the                                          Laboratories, Hamburg]

Biomedical Body in Turkey.

-Sunder Rajan, Kaushik.  2002.                                                                   [University of Chicago, tenured]

 Biocapital: The Constitution of Postgenomic Life.

-Schwarz, Heinrich. 2002.                                                                                                 [consultant, Hamburg]

Techno-Territories: The Spatial, Technological

and Social Reorganization of Office Work.

-Kelty, Christopher  2000.                                                                                                              [UCLA tenured]

Scale and Convention: Programmed Language in a Regulated Americ

 -Landecker, Hannah. 2000. Technologies of Living Substance:                                    [UCLA tenured]

Tissue Culture & Cellular Life in 20th century Biomedicine.

-Mnookin, Jennifer. 1999.                                                                                             [Dean, UCLA Law School]

Images of Truth: Evidence, Expertise, and Technologies of

Knowledge in the American Courtroom.


Committee Member (completed):

-Buergi, Birgit (at NUS) 2016.  Bioarts in Science-Cityscapes: Ethnographic Fragments of

                  the Neuroworld.

Thakor, Mitali – 2016.  Algorithmic Detectives Against Child Trafficking: Data, Entrapment,

                  and the New Global Policing Network.                                                 [postdoc, Northwestern]

-Gunel, Gokce.  2012.  (Cornell).                                                                                               [Univ. Arizona]

Preparing for an Oil-less Future: Energy, Climate Change and Green Business

 in Abu Dhabi

-Wylie, Sara Anne.  2011.                                                       [Social Science Environmental Health Research

Chemical Bonds, Corporate Bodies:                  Institute, and Anthropology Northeastern Univ.]

Endocrine disrupters, Oil Fracking, and Citizen Science.

-Roosth, Hannah Sophia.  2010.                                                                              [History of Science, Harvard]

Crafting Life: A Sensory Ethnography of Fabricated Biologies                 

-Greenslit, Nathan. 2007.                                                                     [researcher, Media Lab; lecturer Tufts]

Pharmaceutical Relations: Intersections of Illness,

Pharmaceutical Fantasy & Capital in the Age of

Direct-To-Consumer  Consulting firm Marketing. (chair: Dumit).

-Pradhan, Rajesh. 2008.  (Political Science, MIT)                                                 [international consultant]

When the Saints Go Marching In:  sadhus in Indian politics.

-Ramiyar Rossoukh. 2014.  An Anthropology of the Iranian Film Industry:

                  The Making of the Willow Tree.       (Harvard, Anthropology)                   [Harvard Lecturer]

-Srinivas, Tulasi. 2008 (Boston U.)                                                                          [Emerson College, tenured]

Entrepreneurship in Middle Class Temples of Bangalore.

-Naficy, Nahal. 2006.   (Rice University).                                                                              [Lecturer, Tehran]

Iranian NGOs in Washington, D.C.  2006.

–Saka, Erkan 2008. (Rice University).                                                                      [Istanbul Bilgi University]

Turkish Journalism and the EU Accession.

-Harrop, Verle.  Telemedicine in Newfoundland



Previous Advisees and Committee Member at Rice, Harvard



-Abedi, Mehdi, Lecturer, University of Houston  (thesis on Iran)

-Cefkin, Melissa, Ethnographer, IBM, Nissan  (thesis on Turkey)

-Fortun, Kim, Prof., RPI  (Science and Technology Studies) (thesis on Bhopal)

-Gregorian, Stella, Dept. of Sociology, University of Houston. (thesis on Armenia)

-Lahsen, Myanna, Brazil INPE (National Institute for Space Research): Large Scale Amazon

Biosphere Atmosphere Project, climate modeling (thesis on climate modeling in U.S.)

-Lotfalian, Mazyar, former Assoc. Director, Center for Persian Studies, Univ of California, Irvine

(thesis on Muslim scientists in Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia and the U.S.)

-McGee, John.  Prof. of Anthropology, Southwest Texas State (thesis on Lacandon Indians)

-Urry, William.   Conflict Resolution Mediator.



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(thesis on the Arabs,” a nomadic group in northeastern Afghanistan)

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-Urry, William.   Conflict Resolution Mediator.