For STS Faculty ONLY:

Please contact Stephanie Brandão Carvalho ( to let us know the date and time you would like to reserve the equipment. If the OWL is available, you will receive a confirmation email.


Set-Up: It is Plug & Play, but we do recommend allowing time for set-up before your class or seminar start so you can test the audio and camera, then troubleshoot, if needed.

  1. Connect power cord to outlet and turn on Owl Pro. (The Owl Pro will “Hoot” once startup has completed.)
  2. Connect Owl Pro to your laptop via the USB adapter included. (Newer Apple laptops may need an additional adapter, also included.)
  3. Open Zoom on your laptop; you are ready to go! Your laptop will automatically identify the Owl Pro as the video and audio source.  Check Zoom Preferences for settings.
  4. Make sure the volume is turned up on both the Zoom preferences menu and your computer.

**The Owl Pro will be packed in a carrying case and will include (2) cords: Power cord and USB adapter, and the additional adapter for the newer Macbook laptops.

Pick-up will be scheduled at the time of your reservation confirmation. You will be responsible for picking up the OWL from STS Headquarters and returning it to HQ when your reservation time has ended.

For Friday reservations, pick-up the Owl Pro Thursday afternoon and store it in your locked office when not in use. Please return the Owl Pro the following Monday by 9am. STS staff is happy to make arrangements with you if necessary.