Digging Deep into North American Metals Mining

Date: 12/18/20

Speaker/s: Ariadne Dulchinos, Rebecca Lizarde

How did the citizens of a quiet town push back against wealthy corporations through sheer activism? What caused a devastating national mercury poisoning epidemic in without a public stir? With case studies from Crested Butte to Canada, join your hosts Ariadne Dulchinos and Rebecca Lizarde on this episode of SHASS radio where we gain a crystal-clear understanding about the rocky history of North American Metals Mining.

Listen in with Ari and Rebecca:


Ari’s Bio:

Ari (she/they) is a first year at MIT who plans to major in course 6-9, Computation and Cognition. Ari was inspired to join SHASS because of a commitment to promoting environmental awareness through education and technology. Additionally, Ari enjoys programming socially-conscious applications such as the Congressional App Challenge winning app EarthSmart. Ari also enjoys drawing, reading dystopian novels, and spending time outdoors (socially distant).

Photo: (see attachments) Source: stock photos from Unsplash.com free under the creative commons license