Fall 2015 Graduate Class Schedule

Subject Units Title Day/Time Room Instructor
STS.250J/ 21A.859J 3-0-9 Social Theory and Analysis Tues 2-5 E53-354 Michael Fischer
STS.310 3-0-9 History of Science

Thurs 10-1 E51-393 Robin W. Scheffler
STS.463J/ 11.461J 3-0-9 Technocracy
Mon 12.30-3.30 E51-165 Jennifer S. Light
STS.482J/ 17.310J/ ESD.103J 4-0-8 Science, Technology & Public Policy Mon/Wed 1:30-3 + Recitation TBA E25-111 Ken Oye
(meets with 6.085J/ STS.085J)
3-0-9 Foundations of Information Policy Thurs 1-4 36-156 Hal Abelson, Michael Fischer, Danny Weitzner