Fall 2024

Fall 2024 Undergraduate Classes



Title & Info Day & Time Instructor
STS.001 Technology in American History
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Mon 2-5pm D. Mindell
Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks: A History of Science
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Lec: Mon/Wed 3pm | Rec: Wed 4pm W. Deringer +
E. Nelson
STS.004 Intersections: SCience, Technology, and the World
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Mon/Wed 1-2:30pm D. Kaiser
STS.006J/ 24.06J
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Lec: Wed/Fri 11am | Rec: Fri 12pm, 1pm, 2pm R. Scheffler +
M. Masny
STS.021J/WGS.160J Science Activism: Gender, Race, and Power
HASS-E, 3-0-9
Mon/Wed 1-2:30pm E. Bertschinger
Thinking on Your Feet: Dance as a Learning Science
HASS-A, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 11-12:30 J. S. Light
STS.046J/21A.103J/WGS.225J The Science of Race, Sex, and Gender
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 9:30-11am A. Sur
STS.051 Documenting MIT Communities
HASS-H, 2-0-7
Tues 7PM-9PM E. Medina
STS.053 Multidisciplinary Interactive Learning Through Problem-Solving
HASS-E, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 9-10:30am C. Mavhunga
STS.060J/21A.303J The Anthropology of Biology
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Fri 1-4pm S.Helmreich
STS.065J/21A.505J/CMS.406J The Anthropology of Sound
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Wed 1-4pm I. Condry
STS.074J/21A.501J Art, Craft, Science
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 11-12:30pm H. Paxson
STS.075J/21A.500J Technology and Culture
HASS-S, 2-0-7
Tues 7PM-9PM M. Thompson
STS.084J/22.04J Social Problems of Nuclear Energy
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Mon/Wed 11-12:30pm R. Kemp
STS.085J/6.4590J Foundations of Information Policy
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Thurs 1-4pm H. Abelson, M. Fischer, D. Weitzner