Fall 2018 Graduate Subject Schedule

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Subject Units Title Day/Time Room Instructor
STS.250J/ 21A.859J


Social Theory and Analysis Thurs 9:30-12:30 E53-335 Michael Fischer
(meets with STS.027J/ 21H.205J)


The Civil War and the Emergence of Modern America 1861-1890 Thurs 7-10 PM 14N-112 Merritt Roe Smith
STS.474J/ 21A.509J


Art, Craft, Science Tues 2-5 E53-335 Heather Paxson
(meets with 6.085J/ STS.085J)
3-0-9 Foundations of Information Policy Thurs 1-4 66-168 Hal Abelson, Daniel Weitzner, Michael Fischer
STS.S91 Register for 3 credits Madness and Globalization

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Tues 12-3 Harvard: Peabody Museum, room 12 Michael Fischer, Byron Good, Alasdair Donald

Please note: STS.454 Science and Technology in the Museum Environment, previously scheduled for Fall 2018, will be offered in Spring 2019.