STS.043/443 Science, Technology, and Self: Science, Technology, and Memoir

Fall 2021: Tuesdays 1-3pm
Undergraduate level: STS.043 (HASS-S)
Graduate level: STS.443
Prereq: None
2-0-7 units
Instructor: Professor Sherry Turkle
Enrollment limited to 15; no listeners

Focuses on the memoir as a window onto the relationship of the scientist, engineer, and technologist to his or her work. Studies the subjective side of technology and the social and psychological dimensions of technological change. Students write about specific objects and their role in their lives – memoir fragments. Readings concern child development theory and the role of technology in development. Explores the connection between material culture, identity, cognitive and emotional development. Students taking graduate version complete additional assignments.



All students interested in taking the class MUST come to the first class, including preregistered students.
The first class will be spent doing a full review of the class assignments and class format. During class the instructor will distribute index cards on which students who are sure they want to take the course will write something about their backgrounds and reasons for wanting to enroll.

If there are more than 15 students who submit completed index cards, Professor Turkle will notify students who have been accepted on the following day so that the students not accepted can find an alternate class.

No students should take a Technology and Self class whose academic schedule demands regular absences from class or an extended period of time during which they will be absent from class.