Fall 2019 Undergraduate Subject Schedule

Title & Info Day & Time Instructor

Tier I

Intersections: Science, Technology, and the World

Click here for more informationHASS-H, 3-0-9

Mon/Wed 2:30-4 Deborah Fitzgerald
CI-HTier I

HASS-H, 3-0-9

Mon/Wed 12-1 + Rec Fri 10, 11, 12, or 1 Ashawari Chaudhuri
Quinn White
STS.021J/WGS.160J Science Activism: Gender, Race, and Power (NEW)

HASS-E, 3-0-9

Mon/Wed 9:30-11 Ed Bertschinger
STS.023J/WGS.226J Science, Gender, and Inequality

HASS-H, 3-0-9

Tues/Thurs 9:30-11 Abha Sur
(meets with STS.427)
The Civil War and the Emergence of Modern America: 1861-1890
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Mon 7-10 PM Merritt Roe Smith
STS.030 Forensic History: Problem Solving into the Past (NEW)
Click here for more informationHASS-S, 3-0-9
Mon/Wed 9:30-11 Kate Brown
STS.075J/21A.500J Technology and Culture

HASS-S, 2-0-7

Mon 7-9 PM Franco Rossi
STS.081J/17.395J Innovation Systems for Science, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, and Health

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Last class meeting will be 11/19 (makeup 11/26 if needed)HASS-S, 2-0-7

Tues 2-5 William Bonvillian
STS.083 Computers and Social Change (NEW)

HASS-H, 3-0-9

Tues/Thurs 2:30-4 Eden Medina
(meets with STS.487)
Foundations of Information Policy

HASS-S, 3-0-9

Thurs 1-4 Hal Abelson, Michael Fischer, Danny Weitzner
STS.086J/21A.504J Cultures of Computing

HASS-S, 3-0-9

Wed 2-5 Dwaipayan Banerjee
STS.087 Biography in Science

HASS-H, 3-0-9

Tues 7-10 PM Kenneth Manning