Tier I Subjects

STS subjects cover a wide variety of topics, so what is the best way to choose the ones that match your interests? We suggest that you start by taking one of the following Tier I subjects…

STS.001 Technology in American History
STS.002 Finance and Society (CI-H)
STS.003 Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks: A History of Science (CI-H)
STS.004 Intersections: Science, Technology, and the World
STS.005J Data and Society
STS.006J Bioethics (CI-H)
STS.008 Technology & Experience (CI-H)
STS.009 Evolution & Society (CI-H)
STS.011 Engineering Life: Biotechnology & Society
STS.012 Science in Action: Technologies & Controversies in Everyday Life
STS.014 Embodied Education: Past, Present, Future

Each of the Tier I subjects cover very different topics, but they all give students a core understanding of the main theories and issues in the field of STS.

Starting with the class of 2014, students minor or major in STS will need to take at least one Tier I subject. Tier I subjects prepare students to take any Tier II STS subject listed in our five cluster areas. Students may also take more than one Tier I subject.