Spring 2022

Spring 2022 Undergraduate Classes

Title & Info Day & Time Instructor
Tier I
Ancient Greeks to Modern Geeks: A History of Science
HASS-H, 3-0-9
LEC: Mon/Wed 3-4 + REC Mon 4-5 Will Deringer
STS.005J/ 11.55J/ IDS.057J
Tier I
Data and Society
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 11-12:30 Eden Medina & Sarah Williams
STS.022J/ 21A.407J/ WGS.275J/ 21G.057J Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Tues 7-10 PM Bettina Stoetzer
STS.031J/ 21H.185J/ 12.386J
Environment and History
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Wed/Fri 11:30-1 Kate Brown & Susan Soloman
STS.048 African Americans in Science, Technology, and Medicine
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Mon 7-10 PM Ken Manning
STS.060J/ 21A.303J The Anthropology of Biology
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Wed 1-4 Stefan Helmreich
STS.064J/ 21A.550J (meets with 21A.559) DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media
HASS-A, 3-3-6
LEC: Wed 1-4 | LAB: Fri 1-4 Christine Walley
STS.065J/ 21A.505J The Anthropology of Sound
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Thurs 1-4 Stefan Helmreich & Ian Condry
STS.075J/21A.500J Technology and Culture
HASS-S, 2-0-7
Tues 3-5pm Dwaipayan Banerjee
STS.082J/ 17.309J/ IDS.055J


Science, Technology, and Public Policy
HASS-S, 3-0-9
LEC: Mon/Wed 1:30-3 | REC: TBD Kenneth Oye