Spring 2017 Graduate Class Schedule

Subject Units Title Day/Time Room Instructor
3-0-9 Social Theory and Analysis Tues 11-2 E53-354 Stefan Helmreich
STS.340 3-0-9 Introduction to the History of Technology Wed 7-10pm E51-165 Merritt Roe Smith
STS.412 3-0-9 Quantification Wed 10-1 E51-165 William Deringer
STS.417 3-0-9 STS Seminar on the Global South Mon 7-10pm E51-165 Clapperton Mavhunga
STS.429J/ 21A.439J 3-0-9 Food and Power Thurs 2-5 E51-165 Deborah Fitzgerald
STS.449J/ 21A.359J/ HST.934J 3-0-6 Introduction to Global Medicine: Bioscience, Technologies, Disparities, Strategies Mon 1-4 1-135 Erica James, Mary Jo Good
STS.450 3-0-9 The Global History of Medicine and Public Health Tues 2-5 E51-393 Robin Wolfe Scheffler
STS.454 3-0-9 Science and Technology in the Museum Environment Thurs 1-4 4-251 John Durant
(meets with STS.056)
2-1-9 Science on Screen Tues 2-5 E51-165 Hanna Rose Shell
4-0-8 Engineering Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System Tues/Thurs 1-3 33-319 Laurence Young, John Tylko
STS.474J/ 21A.509J 3-0-9 Art, Craft, Science Wed 1-4 4-146 Heather Paxson
STS.477J/ 21W.820J

3-0-9 Writing: Science, Technology, and Society Tues 7-10pm 16-220 Kenneth Manning