Spring 2023

Spring 2023 Graduate Classes

Subject Number Units & Info Title Day & Time Instructor
STS.260* 3-0-9 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society Mon 1-4 W. Deringer
STS.320J/21A.429J 3-0-9 Environmental Conflict Wed 1-4pm C. Walley
STS.424J/ 11.244J 3-0-9 Race, History, and the Built Environment Wed 9:30-12:30pm E. James
STS.482J/ 17.310J/ IDS.412J (meets with 17.309J, IDS.055J & STS.082J) 4-0-8 Science, Technology, and Public Policy LEC: Mon/Wed 1:30-3pm
K. Oye


*If you are considering enrolling in STS.260 and wish to attend the first session, please email Prof. Deringer (deringer@mit.edu) for important scheduling information.