Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Undergraduate Classes

Title & Info Day & Time Instructor
Tier I
Finance & Society
HASS-S, 3-0-9
LEC: Mon/Wed 3-4
REC: Wed 4 & Fri 3
W. Deringer
STS.006J/ 24.06J
Tier I
HASS-H, 3-0-9
LEC: Mon/Wed 12-1
REC: Fri 10, 11, 12
R. Scheffler

H. Schilling

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Tier I
Embodied Education: Past, Present, Future (NEW)
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 11:00-12:30 J.S. Light
STS.021J/ WGS.160J Science Activism: Gender, Race, and Power
HASS-E, 3-0-9
Mon/Wed 1-2:30 E. Bertschinger
STS.023J/ WGS.226J Science, Gender, & Social Inequality in the Developing World
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Tues/Thurs 9:30-11 A. Sur
STS.027J/ 21H.205J
(meets with STS.427)
The Civil War & the Emergence of Modern America:1861-1890
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Mon 7PM-10PM M.R. Smith
STS.036 Science in American Life: 1920-2020
HASS-H, 3-0-9
Mon/Wed 1-2:30 J. Durant
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Documenting MIT Communities (NEW)
HASS-H, 2-0-7
Tues 7PM-9PM E. Medina
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Multidisciplinary Interactive Learning Through Problem Solving
HASS-E, 3-0-9
Fri 9-12 C.C. Mavhunga
STS.060J/ 21A.303J The Anthropology of Biology
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Wed 1-4 S. Helmreich
STS.075J/21A.500J Technology and Culture
HASS-S, 2-0-7
Fri 1-3 M. Thompson
(meets with STS.487)
Foundations of Information Policy
HASS-S, 3-0-9
Thurs 1-4 H. Abelson, R. David Edelman, M. Fischer, D. Weitzner