Spring 2019 Graduate Subject Schedule

Subject Units Title Day/Time Room Instructor
STS.260 3-0-9 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society Tues 9:30-12:30 E51-165 David Kaiser
STS.320J/21A.429J 3-0-9 Environmental Conflict Thurs 1-4 56-169 Christine Walley
STS.340 3-0-9 Introduction to the History of Technology Fri 2-5 E51-165 Merritt Roe Smith
STS.414J/21H.984J 3-0-9 Risk, Fortune, and Futurity (NEW) Wed 10-1 4-146 Caley Horan, William Deringer
STS.425 (meets with STS.026) 3-0-9 History of Manufacturing in America Thurs 7-10PM 14N-112 Merritt Roe Smith
STS.454 3-0-9 Museums, Science, and Technology

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Mon 1-4 4-251 John Durant
STS.471J/16.895J 4-0-8 Engineering Apollo: The Moon Project as a Complex System

Tues/Thurs 1-3 33-319 John Tylko, Laurence Young
STS.482J/17.310J/ IDS.055J
(meets with STS.082J/ 17.309J/ IDS.412J)
3-0-9 Science, Technology, and Public Policy Lec Mon/Wed 1-2:30, Rec TBA E25-111 Noelle Selin