STS.S91 Special Topic: Global South Cosmologies and Epistemologies Graduate Super Seminar

Fall 2021: Thursdays 9-11 am

2-0-10 units: Please register for 12 units

Instructor: Chakanetsa Mavhunga (lead instructor; team-taught)

Enrollment limited to 10

Explores how different societies make sense of and develop a knowledge of the physical and animate world, and what it means to be human(e) within it. Opens up trans-hemispheric conversations between cosmologies (ways of being, seeing, ordering, and making worlds) and epistemologies (ways of knowing, producing, and ordering knowledge). Focuses on peoples marginalized by European/white colonization and slavery across the world, who we refer to as the “Global South.”

This is a team-taught class with distinguished decolonial and indigenous scholars from across the world. Each will lead one seminar per week.

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