Second Major in STS

Leads to one diplomas with both majors listed. This can also be called “double major” and goes through the same MIT process as applying for such. However, since STS cannot be pursued as a stand-alone major, “second major” is a more accurate description.

The 13-subject STS requirement is as follows:

The full degree chart is posted in the MIT Bulletin. This is in addition to all requirements of the other major field.

Visit the Registrar’s Office’s website for more information about MIT guidelines for a double major.

Students must submit a petition to the Committee on Curricula that indicates the desire to work for this second/double major. The petition must be approved by faculty advisors in the two appropriate departments before students complete the entire program.

If you are interested in pursuing a major in STS, please contact the STS Undergraduate Academic Officer or STS Academic Administrator.

* For students who matriculated before Fall 2017, the STS.004 requirement can also be fulfilled by STS.091.

** This is an update effective AY2020-2021. The prior requirement was five other STS subjects.