Below is a sampling of projects that undergraduates have done in STS. Please contact individual faculty members directly if you have a project idea (e-mail is usually the best first point of contact). The STS faculty directory is available here. Scroll down this page to see a list of currently open UROP positions.

  • Innovating on Schedule: R&D in the U.S. Military
  • Food Industrialization
  • The Effects of Journalism on Public Discourse
  • The Changing Pedagogy of Quantum Mechanics
  • BeanSalt: A Web-based News Forum for Boston-area College Students
  • Discriminating Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • The Early History of MIT, 1848-1870
  • NOVA/ WGBH Science Unit Internship
  • Specialization in Modern Physics

Applying for a UROP

Once you find a faculty supervisor and UROP project, fill out a UROP application online and submit it for review by your faculty supervisor. The online application can be found here, under the “For Students” link. The deadlines for submitting UROP applications are  posted here. Even if you are continuing the same UROP project from the previous semester, you need to submit a new proposal by the stated deadlines each semester. The UROP Office will send you an e-mail to let you know when your UROP is approved. STS can only pay you once we know your UROP has been approved.


Getting Paid (When Applicable)

If this is your first time on MIT Student Payroll

You must fill out an I-9 Form at the Welcome Center in W20-021H, before your record can be activated in the Payroll system AND before you can start working. The I-9 form is used to verify authorization for employment, so you will need to bring acceptable documentation with you. More information about the documentation and steps to take can be found here.

Entering your hours

  1. Enter the time that you worked each week online. You can access the timecard system either through
    • WebSIS (click on “time sheets” in the “Payroll Forms and Services” section), or
    • Atlas (click on “About Me” at the top of the page).
  2. Send an e-mail with the number of hours you worked each day to STS’s Administrative Assistant, Carolyn Carlson, Academic Administrator, Karen Gardner, and your UROP supervisor. We can only approve your timecard to be paid if your supervisor is included on the message.

The deadline to enter your hours and send the e-mail is 5:00 p.m. each Friday. If you submit your time sheet and e-mail by the deadline, you will be paid via direct deposit on the following Friday.


If you have any questions about doing a UROP at STS, or have problems with your timecards or checks, please contact UROP coordinator, Karen Gardner.