Tier II Subjects

Tier II subjects are a great way for students to explore particular STS topics in greater depth. It is recommended that students take at least one Tier I subject before taking a Tier II class, but not required. To see how these classes fit in our five suggested thematic clusters, visit our Clusters page.

STS.021J Science Activism: Gender, Race, and Power
STS.022J Gender in Science, Technology, and Environment
STS.023J Science, Gender and Social Inequality in the Developing World
STS.025J Making the Modern World: The Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective
STS.026 History of Manufacturing in America
STS.027J The Civil War and the Emergence of Modern America: 1861-1890
STS.028 Seven Wonders of the Engineering World
STS.030 Forensic History: Problem Solving into the Past
STS.031J Environment and History
STS.032 Energy, Environment, and Society
STS.033J People and the Planet: Environmental Histories and Engineering
STS.034 Science Communication: A Practical Guide
STS.035 Exhibiting Science
STS.036 Science in American Life: 1920-2020
STS.038 Risky Business: Food Production, Environment, and Health
STS.040 A Global History of Commodities
STS.042J Einstein, Oppenheimer, Feynman: Physics in the 20th Century
STS.043 Technology and Self: Science, Technology, and Memoir
STS.044 Technology and Self: Things and Thinking
STS.046J The Science of Race, Sex, and Gender
STS.047 Quantifying People: A History of Social Science
STS.048 African Americans in Science, Technology, and Medicine
STS.049 The Long War Against Cancer
STS.050 The History of MIT
STS.051 Documenting MIT Communities
STS.052 Living with Risk: Threats, Accidents, and Disasters in a Technological Age
STS.053 Multidisciplinary Interactive Learning Through Problem-Solving
STS.055 Living Dangerously: Environmental Problems from 1900 to Today
STS.060J The Anthropology of Biology
STS.064J DV Lab: Documenting Science through Video and New Media
STS.065J The Anthropology of Sound
STS.074J Art, Craft, Science
STS.075J Technology and Culture
STS.080J Youth Political Participation
STS.081J Innovation Systems for Science, Technology, Energy, Manufacturing, and Health
STS.082J Science, Technology, and Public Policy
STS.083 Computers and Social Change
STS.084J Social Problems of Nuclear Energy
STS.085J Foundations of Information Policy
STS.086J Cultures of Computing
STS.087 Biography in Science
STS.088 Africa for Engineers